Day Three Hundred Thirty Two

March 15, 2021 - Comment

332/365. Underestimation — forget about it Some of you knew already, but this is my first play with the new charcoal seamless, and it’s completely awesome. Plus I got to finally sport my new Ted Baker Jacket (purchased in Paris during our Honeymoon)… and I’m pretty sure I made the jacket look better than they

332/365. Underestimationforget about it

Some of you knew already, but this is my first play with the new charcoal seamless, and it’s completely awesome.

Plus I got to finally sport my new Ted Baker Jacket (purchased in Paris during our Honeymoon)… and I’m pretty sure I made the jacket look better than they did on the Ted Baker website.

On another note, turns out I’m in competition with a Youtube star for "Flickr" Photographer of the Year. So if you’re still up for this quest that seems to be taking forever (Mashable allows you to vote once a day (gah this makes me sick to my stomache)), you can still do this….

But nevermind that now, we’ve got real problems…. let’s check out this stupidly complex setup!!

setup, camera, strobist info: see here


brief silver says:

This is great. I like the subtle lighting. Great work, as always.

..dca.. says:

As always Dustin, This is a wonderful image. Lovely light and colors.. Sure this will also hit high in explore list!!!

Abhinav Singhai says:


+pelican+ says:

u look so cool Dustin!!!

Lewosky says:

Great job again… looks very elegant here =)

Take care.

- Shiphattey - says:

Awsome !

duraath says:

so fashionable!

Sérgio Castrø says:

That charcoal board really pays off!

dmbelo says:

Such a baller! Love the hat.

Geir Yngve says:

Awesome shot. Great light

shrikanthsy says:

OMG !!! this is F****n Awesome 🙂 loved the lighting and of course that lovely hat.

chrisps says:

Very nice indeed, and yes this one really stands out so I suppose in another way one could say it is F****n Awesome 🙂

Mohammad Quwaie says:

Yeees, the Jacket looks much much better than it’s in their website. and I am sure that they will do more sale as of now from the people visiting this page.

The same thing with the background 🙂

Awesome !

wsboon says:

great shoot !_<

tcr18h says:

That background is awsome.

♕ ℑsprit Media ♕ says:

great shot! love the hat!

righteous thought says:

Very very nice lighting, I had a picture in the same genre too.
I love your new jacket and hat 🙂

Prodromos Sarigianis says:


Abdulhadi Al-hajji says:

Awesome one bro .. like it

drewm says:

Nice hat.

aback spark says:

The best…

Foxspain Fotografía says:

Mola dustin

Andrew Novell says:

wow..amazing man says:

jeee dis super 🙂 SUPER

johnhlz says:

Jacket looks way better than Ted Baker website — demonstrating again that lighting really matters.

Would not have reverse engrd this lighting exactly, fersure, but your setups make it very clear how each source contributes. Wonderfully educational, as usual, thank you.

PS: Voting today!

irfan cheema... says:

great jacket… great work…

ralder says:

great job, its great!

ryan_rubi says:

great job! you are always full of awesomeness dustin!!!

Geek About To Explode says:

this is so great.. not that complex but complex enough 😀

Riyazi says:

What a heck of an image

e.villeda says:

You are good man . that was nice

Stolen Art says:

great shot. Your 365 challenge is inspirational.

See my latest on flickr

Seen in my contacts’ photos. ( ?² )

·:·: carla :·:· [turistóloga] says:

me encanta!

ilse_holland says:

Looks good 🙂 Nice hat by the way.

Jim U says:

in ur setup shot, is the gridded strobe attached to the ceiling, and is it pointed at you, or the background? thnx.

Jeniee says:

Love it, so strong.

gabrielescotto says:

woooooow splendida!
gran bella foto!


Un saluto!


reelgeek says:

You are so pretty.

thislittlelightofmine says:

Awesome as always!!!

ill-tempered [Jakov Cordina] says:

so awesome!

Waseef Akhtar says:

Now for every photo you posted here.. I voted you for that there. 😀

Joe Chiang says:

very nice setup and very nice end result … great shoot !!!

Nu2photography says:

Awesome shot

Sutama_ says:

great one!!!

castermer says:

The light setup is a sick, but so worth it! The aerial view on your setup is a sweet touch.

NadeStyle says:

cool hat!!!

jferrer says:


Marcin Sowa says:

nice coat and hat – Goorin Brothers, right?

Tiagø Ribeiro says:

awesome background dude.

Karl Axon says:

i absolutely love your work, i crapped my self because i only thought you had 3 left in the 365, untill i realised its 365 not 335 ;D

FotoChesKa says:

like a rock staR

©Bianca Inez | Photography says:


ken_tsuda says:

this is super cool dustin! one of the best i’ve seen so far in my opinion!! you make the jacket look so sexy.

jameshill photography says:

rad as jacket man, love the background too

jef cris says:

Awesome WOW!!!!

BurgTender says:

Awesome lighting!! I love it. I must say it… you have a nice hat! I want it haha

Seen on your photo stream. (?)

Arturo Ortiz says:

Dustin, I have learned so much with your work!!! Thanks for everything you share!!!

Pipall says:

Nice! We should get one of those backgrounds for our photosoc, white isn’t as interesting I think… Btw you’re garage is mahussive!!

.John Caetano. says:

Liking the black backdrop…

Berenice Vh says:

excelent, you are my idol! 🙂

Rafee. says:

One word, Awesome! love the hat, its hot 🙂

Frame of Reference says:

This is sooo Cool!!!

Melanie Hillock says:

hehehehe..this is fantastic!

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